Thinking about selling your home?

You’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you should know before you commit to putting your house on the market.

Selling a house is no small task. It takes hard work every step of the way — from pre-listing preparation to listing, showing, negotiating offers, and closing the deal — and the full process can take as many as 2-4 months to finish up. And when it does, sellers wind up paying between 4-10% of the final sales price in fees and selling costs.

That's just an average.

How best to sell your specific house will depend on a complicated web of factors, including:
The best way to navigate this web is with the help of an EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE AGENT!

We take all those unique factors into account when pricing, staging, and marketing your home.

We manage the whole selling process on your behalf, negotiate the best deal with your buyer, and get you to the finish line with as little pain as possible.